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For pupils, parents and schools. Building resilience and supporting mental wellbeing.

What is MindSafe?

MindSafe is an online digital tool that supports pupils wellbeing. Offering 24/7 access it has been developed with pupils, parents, schools and experts to be user led.
Always keeping pupils at the centre of their own mental wellbeing MindSafe works around the 5 R's, relationships, recognition, reflection, regulation and resilience and has age-appropriate versions suitable for pupils from ages 6-18yrs old.

A safe and secure space online
Child led
Meet your obligation to support pupils mental wellbeing
Schools can be set up in less than 30 minutes
Data driven and AIย reporting

Analytics from MindSafe allow schools to make evidence-based decisions to deliver appropriate support, to the right pupils, at the right time and demonstrate the impact of their mental wellbeing programs.
Pupils use their mood diary, journal and about me pages to focus on themselves and manage their wellbeing. "Talk" and signposting functions enable them to access the help and support they want when they want it.

25 schools supported by MindSafe since January 2021
More than 6,000 students given a voice
"We encourage young people and their families to stay in touch with their friends and relatives remotely.We are passionate about supporting young people via apps and social media and not to meet face-to-face.โ€

- Anna Freud

โ€œAn incredible resource! Wonderful to know in difficult times MindSafe is an easy, effective way my child can access comfort. So easy to use.โ€

- Chrissy S-F, Parent and Front Line NHS Worker

โ€œWhen I was being teased last year at school and MindSafe allowed me to express my thoughts without anybody interfering or overhearing me. I was able to ask my mum for help without my little sister hearing me. I am using it now to express all my happy and sad thoughts so I can focus on the better things in life not just the bad.โ€

- Gabriel H โ€“ Year 6

โ€œOne of the great things about MindSafe is knowing that our pupils are socially, emotionally and mentally well-supported wherever they are. We firmly believe that MindSafe enables our pupils to regulate their own behaviours in ensuring positive mental health and wellbeing for the future. We fully believe in the power of talk and this resource allows the pupils to do just that.โ€

- Mrs Lowe โ€“ Primary Head

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