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Empowering pupils to take control of their mental wellbeing and navigate the challenges of school life. Resources and support for students and schools.
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MindSafe is a multi-award winning online digital tool and mental wellbeing service for pupils aged 8 to 18.
  • Offers a safe and secure online space for mental wellbeing support
  • 24/7 services at affordable rates
  • Unique pupil-led approach
  • Provides instant reports for schools without adding to staff workloads
Discover the benefits of MindSafe, the trusted choice for mental wellbeing support loved by parents, teachers and pupils!
β€œIf they're not feeling happy and safe learning is not going to happen. This gives them their own space, where it's ok to talk about how they're feeling”
Adila K - Teacher and DSL

β€œAn incredible resource! Wonderful to know in difficult times MindSafe is an easy, effective way my child can access comfort. So easy to use.”
Chrissy S-F, Parent and Front Line NHS Worker

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Mood Diary, Journal, Talk, Access to Help, Personalised Reports, Optional Anonymous Concern Reporting, Bespoke School Access Hours, In-Depth PupilVoice Surveys, Red Word Safeguarding Alerts and more.

Multi-award winning MindSafe helps you meet your DfE obligations to support pupils' mental wellbeing and demonstrate pupils’ needs are being heard.
MindSafe is a safe and secure online place where students can process their emotions, track their wellbeing, and seek emotional support
Private accounts and open PupilVoice surveys build resilience in an inclusive way
Optional anonymous reports, PupilVoice surveys and β€œTalk” facilities surveys can help teachers identify who may need what additional support
Choosing your own bespoke school set up for access, reporting, and surveys make MindSafe fit with the individual needs of your school
Instant reports from MindSafe are packed with insightful metrics and reports to identify effective safeguarding and wellbeing measures. They can also save staff time
MindSafe directly signposts students to local services to support their wellbeing, ensuring they find safe and appropriate resources for their needs

What is MindSafe and how does it work?

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